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Wednesday, November 11, 2015 - 4:15pm - 5:15pm
Cloud Computing

Engineering the Cloud: How We Build Cloud Foundry at Pivotal Prior Year Content

Cloud Foundry is an open source Platform as a Service (PaaS). The people working on it come from a variety of companies including Pivotal. Cloud Foundry is an example of applying Extreme Programming at scale. In this case study, Elisabeth Hendrickson describes how the engineering teams working on Cloud Foundry build the cloud, and why the process works so well. The engineers work from a prioritized backlog managed by a Product Manager. When coding, they pair, test drive, and continuously integrate. All twenty-eight teams across six locations are responsible for their quality, their builds, and their tests. The code base involves more than a hundred repositories, thousands of files, and in excess of a million lines of code. No separate QA department and no independent testers, but explorers—not as many as you might imagine—are integrated with the teams. Join Elisabeth to see why the process works to deliver a high quality product.

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Elisabeth Hendrickson

Elisabeth Hendrickson, better known as testobsessed, has been kicking around the software industry for a couple of decades in a variety of roles including tester, developer, and agile enabler. Author of Explore It!, Elisabeth is known for her Google Tech Talk on agile testing and popular test heuristics Cheatsheet. In 2010 she won the prestigious Gordon Pask Award from the Agile Alliance. After more than a decade as an independent consultant, in 2012 Elisabeth joined Pivotal, the company where she first learned extreme programming. She is now a senior director of engineering.

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