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Leadership for Test Managers

Motivation, Productivity, Inspiration, and Job Satisfaction


Explore what it means to be a leader in this discussion-oriented workshop. Seasoned instructors guide test managers, test leads, and potential test leads and managers through gauging and managing morale; coaching, mentoring, and training; organizational structure and corporate culture; and more.

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  • Encourage and support self-motivation within and outside your team
  • Improve productivity and innovation with better leadership
  • Inspire those around you to become their best
  • Increase job satisfaction for your team and yourself

What is the difference between management and leadership? Are leaders born or made? If test managers can, in fact, develop leadership skills, how can you become a better—even a great—leader? These questions and others will be answered by seasoned instructors with a depth and breath of experiences in developing and leading testing teams and providing consulting to companies around the world.

In this discussion-oriented workshop, you and your fellow students will explore what it means to be a leader. First, you’ll learn about the attributes of “natural” leaders and what it takes for managers to grow to become great leaders who empower their team and add significant value to their organization. Then, the class members will delve into the most pressing leadership issues and challenges that test managers face everyday. You’ll begin to identify the leadership traits you already possess and learn specific things you, as a test manager or lead, can do to improve your leadership skills and help your team grow and mature.

The Approach
The class will begin with a brief discussion of leadership “theory”—common leadership traits, leadership style, developing trust, and leading by example. Then you, and the other class members will explore situational leadership issues: how to gauge morale; the leader’s role as a coach, mentor, and trainer; how organizational structure and corporate culture affect leadership; leadership principles applied to software testing and development; the impact and importance of influential leaders; and more.

The seasoned instructors encourage you to bring your most pressing people and organizational problems to examine during the class. Working together with your peers, you will discover new approaches to try and new perspectives to explore to address these issues. In addition to learning what it takes to improve your personal leadership skills, you’ll be able to take back specific action items to help your team improve their performance and individuals increase their job satisfaction.

Who Should Attend?
This course is appropriate for test managers, test leads, potential test leads and managers, and anyone who is a student of leadership.

Note: Throughout this class, you and your peers will participate in lively and challenging discussions and explorations into leadership—for test managers and in everyday life. Be prepared to rethink and reassess what it takes for you to grow your leadership skills.

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Course Outline

What is leadership?
How is leadership different from management?
Are leaders made or born?

Characteristics of Leadership
Cornerstones of leadership

What motivates testers?
What is morale?
Handling morale problems
How do you maintain good morale?

Principles of Leadership
USMC principles
Quality goals
Vision statement
Test policy

Leading Testing Teams
The test manager’s many roles
Span of control
Importance of influence leaders
Effective delegation

Testing Structures
Team composition
Test independence
Team organization
Outsourcing considerations
Managing multiple teams
Keys to successful teams

The Leader as a Teacher
Staff development
Technical skills assessment
Staff selection and retention

Barriers to effective communications
Test psychology
Selling testing
Corporate culture
Practical advice for managers


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