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Wednesday, June 8, 2016 - 4:15pm to 5:15pm

The Challenges of Testing a Wearable Banking Application

In many ways, the rapidly evolving mobile banking application industry is challenging for testers. Adding a wearable device brings new challenges, new user behaviors, and untested devices. To ensure a well-tested product, what changes and adaptations do you need to make to your test approach? Carl Johnson shares his hands-on experiences going from testing a mobile banking application to testing a wearable “watch-bank,” an application that makes it possible for customers to see balances and transactions on their smartwatches. Carl presents examples of his learnings—tools that could help you simulate the use of a token-based login method, the invaluable assistance of beta testers using the real world as their test environment, and possible security threats that need testing in order to secure sensible information. Carl concludes with the most important learnings and experiences put together in a framework you can use as a guide if you are involved in a similar project.

Carl Johnson

Carl Johnson has experience as a consultant, advisor, and manager in projects for some of the largest banks and financial service providers in Scandinavia. Carl is a curious person, interested in new technology with the ambition of ensuring high quality for the end user. The dots connected him to the testing industry, something he really enjoys. Now as a senior consultant at the dedicated test consultancy firm SOCO, Carl is responsible for testing mobile banking applications at Norway’s second largest bank, which is a leader in developing new mobile solutions and applications. This has given Carl broad experience in testing both native and web applications for mobile devices.