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Frequently Asked Questions

About the Conference

Q. What should I expect if I have dietary restrictions?

Most conference registration packages include continental breakfast and lunch. For special dietary restrictions, please visit the conference help desk to notify the staff.

Q. How do I access the conference proceedings?

Most conference keynote, tutorial, and concurrent session PDF presentations are available through the conference “Alumni Hall.” To access these presentations, please either login or create an account at using the same email address that you used to register for the conference. Detailed instructions will be emailed to you both before and after the conference takes place. If you need additional help after receiving the instructions, please contact client support at [email protected].

Q. How may I become a conference speaker?

Opportunities to speak at this conference are already closed. However, alternate speaking opportunities are available for other upcoming events, click here for more information.

Q. Will there be a live virtual conference?

For virtual conference registration information and availability, please click here. Typically, virtual conference registration is not open until 6-8 weeks before a live event.

Q. Will wifi be available at the conference?

For your convenience, complimentary wifi is available in the conference wifi lounge area.

Q. What is TechWell's cancellation policy?

Registrations cancelled after Monday, May 9, 2016, are subject to a 20% cancellation fee. No cancellations or refunds may be made after Monday, May 16, 2016. Substitutions may be made at any time before the first day of the program. TO CANCEL: Call the Client Support group at 904.278.0524 or 888.268.8770, or email us at [email protected].

Q. What are the conference registration fees and what do they cover?

Click here to view the pricing and packages page. Most packages also include a complimentary continental breakfast and lunch while you are at the conference.

Q. How do I register a group of multiple people?

To register a group of multiple people, please call the Client Support Group at 888.268.8770 or 904.278.0524, or email us at [email protected].

Q. How do I receive confirmation of my registration?

Upon registration (via online, phone or email), a registration confirmation is immediately emailed. Please call the Client Support group at 904.278.0524 or 888.268.8770, or email us at [email protected] if you do not receive your confirmation email.

Q. What types of discounts are offered for this conference?

TechWell has attractive discount offers. Discount options include early bird pricing for early registrations, alumni discounts, group discounts, and more. Please click here for the most up to date pricing and the complete list of ways to save. 

Q. Should I bring a laptop computer?

A laptop is not required for the conference so the decision to bring a laptop is up to you. Some tutorials, however, do require laptops and are clearly designated on those tutorial description pages. If you decide to bring a laptop for note taking or personal use, internet access may not be available in sessions or classrooms. Please note that TechWell does not provide storage or take responsibility for laptops or other personal items at the conference.

Q. How do I become a conference sponsor?

Conference sponsorship opportunities are available, for more information click here.

About Hotel & Travel

Q. Once I get to the hotel, how will I know where to go for the conference?

Once you arrive at the hotel, conference signs will direct you to the conference help desk. If you have difficulty finding this location, please go to the hotel lobby and the hotel staff can direct you to the conference help desk area.

Q. Is parking included in my conference registration fees?

If you are traveling to the conference and parking at the conference hotel, you will need to pay the hotel’s daily parking rate.

About TechWell

Q. Who is TechWell?

TechWell helps software and IT professionals develop and deliver better software by providing a hub of expertise shared through international software conferences, training, publications, and online communities.

Producing some of the industry's most respected software development and testing conferences, delivering expert-led training, offering highly rated publications, and providing interactive community websites, TechWell strives to expand the universe of software development skills and information.

We connect you to the experts and knowledge needed to build and deliver great software applications and systems.

Q. How can I contact TechWell?

Contacting TechWell is easy. You may use any of these methods to reach us: