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Marcus Merrell

RetailMeNot, Inc.

A test architect at RetailMeNot, Inc., Marcus Merrell has written UI and API test frameworks for several products since 2001. Marcus is obsessed with code design and holds sacred the philosophy that test frameworks should be approached, developed, and tested just as carefully as the production software they seek to examine. The successful demonstration of these principles has led to an intense focus on collaboration between testers and developers, and to a deep appreciation for code that is at once simple and sophisticated―an API for testers which is reusable, interface-agnostic, and universal to many problem sets.

Speaker Presentations
Thursday, May 8, 2014 - 1:30pm
Special Topics
Automated Analytics Testing with Open Source Tools

Analytics are an increasingly important capability of any large web site or application. When a user selects an option or clicks a button, dozens—if not hundreds—of behavior-defining “beacons” fire off into a black box of “big data” to be correlated with the usage patterns of thousands of other users. In the end, all these little data points form a constellation of information your organization will use to determine its course. But what if it doesn’t work? A misconfigured site option or an errant variable might seem insignificant, but if 10,000 users are firing 10,000 incorrect values concerning their click patterns, it suddenly becomes a problem for the QA department―a department which is often left out of conversations involving analytics. Join Marcus Merrell to learn how analytics work, how to get involved early, and how to integrate analytics testing into the normal QA process, using Selenium and other open source tools, to prevent those misfires from slipping through.