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Thursday, May 8, 2014 - 1:30pm - 2:30pm

Top Challenges in Testing Requirements

Studies show that at least half of all software defects are rooted in poor, ambiguous, or incomplete requirements. For decades, testing has complained about the lack of solid concrete requirements, claiming that this makes our task more difficult and in some instances—impossible. Lloyd Roden challenges these beliefs and explains why having detailed requirements can be at best damaging and at worst can even be harmful to both testing and the business. Rather than constantly complaining, Lloyd shows how testers and test managers can rise to the challenges of testing without requirements, testing with evolving requirements, testing with vague requirements, and testing with wrong requirements. To help make your testing more effective, Lloyd provides practical tips and techniques for each of these testing challenges.

Lloyd Roden, Lloyd Roden Consultancy

With more than twenty-eight years in the software industry, Lloyd Roden has worked as a developer, test analyst, and test manager for many different organizations. Lloyd was a consultant/partner with Grove Consultants for twelve years. In 2011 he created Lloyd Roden Consultancy, an independent UK-based training and consultancy company specializing in software testing. Lloyd’s passion is to enthuse, excite, and inspire people in the area of software testing.

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