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Julie Gardiner

The Test People

In the IT industry for more than twenty years, Julie Gardiner has held positions as an analyst programmer, Oracle DBA, and project manager. She has first-hand experience as a test analyst, test team leader, test consultant, and test manager. Previously with UK-based Grove Consultants for seven years, Julie now is head of agile, talent and transition management with The Test People. A certified ScrumMaster and agile coach, Julie also specializes in risk-based testing, agile testing, test management, and people issues. She has been a keynote speaker at STAREAST, STARWEST, Innovate Test Management, ANZTB, and STANZ.

Speaker Presentations
Monday, November 11, 2013 - 8:30am
Half-day Tutorials
Usability Testing in a Nutshell

Because systems are now more complex and competition is extreme, testing for usability is critical for ensuring our products not only stand out from the crowd but even exceed our customer’s expectations. As testers, we often encounter requirements such as “The system must be user-friendly.” What does this mean? And, more importantly, how do we test against this vague notion? Join Julie Gardiner as she presents usability testing techniques to help evaluate system efficiency, effectiveness, and user satisfaction.