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Borland Software CorporationBorland Software Corporation is a world leader in platform independent Software development and deployment solutions that are designed to Accelerate the entire application development lifecycle. By connecting managers, testers, designers, developers, and implementers in real time, Borland enables enterprises worldwide to define and sustain their competitive advantage. www.borland.com
CompuwareCompuware provides software and services to help optimize reliability, performance and productivity and reduce costs of distributed, Web, and enterprise applications. We build quality from the beginning of the application lifecycle by measuring and analyzing risk and helping to align quality assurance efforts with critical business goals. www.compuware.com
The David Consulting Group The David Consulting Group (DCG) — Using metrics in achieving software excellence DCG enables quantifiable results through CMM(I)® consulting and process performance measurement while satisfying the client’s organizational business objectives. Using their database of over 7,500 2001-2003 projects, DCG has determined industry practices that lead to software excellence. Visit www.davidconsultinggroup.com
Intel®Intel® Software Development Products help developers deliver outstanding application quality and performance on Intelarchitecture based systems. They are compatible with leading development environments and tools for Windows* and Linux* to help developers create robust, optimized applications for mobile, client, and enterprise use. www.intel.com/software/products
SegueSegue (NasdaqSC: SEGU) is a global expert in delivering solutions to define, measure, manage and maintain software quality throughout the entire software application lifecycle. Segue's Quality Optimization solutions help companies reduce business risk, ensure the deployment of high quality software and increase return on investment. Leading businesses around the world, including many of the Fortune 500, rely on Segue's products to protect their business service levels, competitive edge and brand reputation. www.segue.com
WorksoftWorksoft is the leader in next-generation automated testing solutions. Worksoft Certify™ is script-free, allowing business analysts and technical experts to efficiently test applications without programming. Certify is platform, language and engine neutral and is used by Fortune 500 companies in retail, finance, insurance, healthcare and by ISVs. www.worksoft.com
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ASQ Software DivisionASQ Software Division is comprised of more than 5,900 members, software quality professionals, and software engineers interested in applying quality principles to the field of software development. The mission of ASQ is to improve the ability of individuals and organizations to satisfy their customers with quality software products and services through education, communication, research, outreach, and professional development. software.asqquality.org/events.htm
The Information Technology Process Institute (ITPI)The Information Technology Process Institute (ITPI) The Information Technology Process Institute (ITPI), a not for profit organization, is engaged in three principal areas of activity, research, benchmarking and the development of prescriptive guidance for practitioners and business executives. ITPI is currently working to create solutions that solve the common objectives of IT Security, Corporate Governance, Audit and Operations. The ITPI creates powerful measurement tools (IMCA), prescriptive adoption methods (Visible Ops) and control metrics to facilitate management by fact. Visit us at www.itpi.org
The International Function Point Users Group (IFPUG)The International Function Point Users Group (IFPUG) is a membership-governed, non-profit organization committed to promoting and supporting function point analysis and other software measurement techniques. IFPUG is one of the largest measurement associations in the world with a membership base of more than 1000 individuals, member companies, and universities in 32 countries. Access IFPUG online to view our publications, conferences, link to other industry sites, or email the IFPUG office. www.ifpug.org
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Application Development TrendsApplication Development Trends is written for application development managers who are building, buying and managing the applications that run the world's businesses. ADT is the one publication that top-tier I/S and A/D management go to month after month for a clear strategic overview of the full application development lifecycle and its impact on the business of the enterprise. www.adtmag.com
Better SoftwareBetter Software magazine delivers relevant, timely information to tackle the challenges of building better quality software, regardless of your role in the software development lifecycle. Bringing you in-depth articles on agile methods, people and teams, CMM®, software process improvement, ROI, and coverage on emerging technologies, Better Software is the only magazine for software professionals who care about quality. www.bettersoftware.com
Dr. DobbDr. Dobb's Journal is the premier language and platform independent monthly magazine for serious developers. Each month we provide powerful programming insights in topics ranging from advanced algorithms to database development to computer security over all languages and platforms including .NET, Java, and C/C++, plus evaluations of language implementations and in-depth articles important to today’s developer. www.ddj.com
IEEE Computer SocietyThe IEEE Computer Society offers its nearly 100,000 members a comprehensive program of publications, meetings, and technical and educational activities, fostering an active exchange of information, ideas, and innovation. The society is the largest technical society within the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). See us at www.computer.org
Software Development magazineSoftware Development magazine helps IT and business leaders to develop, manage and purchase enterprise-wide software development projects. Each issue, provides 100,000 IT and development managers with leadership and mission-critical guidance throughout the entire development lifecycle. To subscribe, visit www.sdmagazine.com

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