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Concurrent Sessions

Each of our concurrent sessions focuses on a specific segment of the software development lifecycle. Each of these presentations delivers ideas and techniques that all practicing software professionals need in order to optimize their software development investment.

Pick and choose your sessions to create a customized conference agenda, to maximize your time, and complement your goals and objectives for this conference. This is a great opportunity to attend with your peers who may be working on the same goals but involved in other segments of the software development lifecycle.
Check out the Manage SessionsThe Manage sessions cover issues such as: developing plans and strategies, risk management and mitigation, business value and ROI of software, getting projects back on track, change management (CM), managing in agile and plan-driven projects, project reviews, and retrospectives.  See the Sessions
Check out the Measure SessionsThe Measure sessions address issues, such as: defect tracking and classification, estimating schedules and resources, dynamix measurement feedback, customer and product metrics, interpreting, applying, and presenting data, measuring agile projects, measurement programs, function points, other size measures, measuring process and behavior, product measurements, code coverage, and statistical process control.  See the Sessions
Check out the Process SessionsThe Process sessions offer a range of software process improvement (SPI) topics based on recent experiences: agile practices, return on investment of improvement, CMM®/CMMI®, Six Sigma for software, and other high maturity improvement models.  See the Sessions
Check out the Test SessionsThe Test sessions cover the latest strategies, ideas, and techniques being used by leading software businesses for organizing and managing test efforts, testing throughout the lifecycle, business value of testing, risk-based testing approaches, test process improvement, technical reviews, and release criteria.  See the Sessions
Check out the Define SessionsThe Define sessions incorporate the latest information pertaining to the importance of requirements and project definitions, including: writing the business case, requirements development process, requirements gathering and analysis, minimizing ambiguity and conflict, documenting requirements, requirements management, and use cases and user stories.  See the Sessions
Check out the Design SessionsThe Design sessions provide the latest information and techniques in design and architecture, including: software patterns, modeling requirements, unified modeling language (UML), communicating designs, and data models.  See the Sessions
Check out the Develop SessionsThe Develop sessions cover software development, including software configuration management, enterprise application integration, open source tools and practices, security issues in development, agile development techniques, test-driven development, pair programming, technologies, and environments.  See the Sessions
Check out the Secure SessionsSeveral sessions throughout the conference cover topics vital for developing secure, trusted computing guidelines and software architectures, threat risk models and patterns of security flaws, penetration testing, tools for security verification, and the business view of software security.  

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