Agile + DevOps West 2022 Keynote : The Art of Storytelling in the Craft of Product Development


Wednesday, June 15, 2022 - 8:30am to 9:30am

The Art of Storytelling in the Craft of Product Development

For thousands of years, humans have relied on stories. They help us turn information into wisdom, and to build relationships with each other. They’ve been passed down through the generations through spoken word, marks on ceremonial sticks, pictures on caves and tomb walls, words on paper, and in photographs and films. Most of us consume stories passively, without real awareness of what is happening. For most people that’s fine, but for those of us trying to influence behaviors and drive change, this represents a missed opportunity. If we are not conscious of the fundamental drivers of how humans interact, how can we hope to become more effective leaders? You will gain a better understanding of what makes a compelling story and explore why that is. We’ll learn how stories are actually a survival ability of humans, and why it is such a powerful and distinct ability. We’ll discuss how stories are key to attracting and retaining talent, and in driving change in your organizations. Come join Lee on a journey through literature and history and leave feeling more curious and aware of what makes the people around you tick!

Lee Eason
Edward Jones

“Do you know much about computers?” After a moment of consideration, desperate for a job, Lee Eason replied, “I can do anything you need with computers.” As a just graduated History Education major, he knew almost nothing about computers. But what he lacked in experience he made up for with determination and curiosity. That first job at a small furniture plant in Raleigh, NC, launched a 20+ year career that would take Lee through roles as an IT manager, software developer, architect, Agile and DevOps leader, entrepreneur, Chief Technology Officer, and now Director of Digital Branch Experience at Edward Jones. Those roles have spanned several industries including marketing, education, healthcare, and financial technology. His passion for learning and teaching has been central to his success as a leader and change agent. You can read more about Lee on his blog.