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Agile + DevOps East VIP Program


Take Your Conference Experience to the Next Level

How does an exclusive 1-hour consulting session, access to the Leadership Summit, and thousand's in savings sound? Those are just a few benefits that our VIP's get access to at Agile + DevOps East.

Why Become a VIP?
The VIP Program elevates your conference by giving you access to experts, networking oppotunities with speakers, and planning strategies to make the most of your conference schedule.

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Join the Exclusive List. Get Exclusive Benefits.

From access to experts and speakers to thousand’s in discounts, our VIP program elevates your conference experience with benefits that no other delegate will get.


Want to improve your leadership skills and work with peers to solve leadership problems? There are two free passes to Friday’s Agile + DevOps Leadership Summit with your name!


Have a pressing question that's going to require an ingenious solution? You get an exclusive 1-hour consulting session with one of our conference speakers.


You'll receive 20% off your conference package, get 2 free Leadership Summit Passes ($1k in savings), 1-hour of free consulting (hundreds in savings), and exclusive networking events with food and drinks.

Expert Speakers

Learn More About Our Industry Experts

Voted one of the most helpful components of our VIP Program, the Free Hour of Consulting will be held during lunch so as to not impede on the rest of your busy conference schedule. Brainstorm with your team before the conference on a single topic or challenge that our experts can assist with. Get inspired by previous challenges other VIP groups faced.

Previous Topics Include:

  • Testing data for large amounts of permutations and test data management.
  • Prioritization of multiple products with an agile mindset + scrum framework.
  • Automation optimization for non-traditional mobile testing.

What is the Leadership Summit?

Take advantage of 2 FREE Leadership Summit Passes and save a thousand dollars! This is the most exclusive networking event of the conference and is centered on industry experts and upper management. Enjoy free breakfast and lunch as you listen to talks by industry experts, network with top executives, and win more prizes.

Novice Team Members Can Take Away

Starting out in the industry? Trying to grow your company? Need to advance yourself for a promotion? Struggling to lead your team? You’ll be able to network with professionals and learn answers to these questions and more.

Experienced Team Members Can Take Away

Already an established professional? Looking to showcase your achievements? This is the place to showcase your advanced professional standing, associate yourself with our exclusive group of industry experts, and speak on how you’ve found solutions to problems.

Frequently Asked Questions

We'll answer a few common questions to help you get started.

How can I become a VIP Team?

Contact customer support to start the registration process. Our team needs to be notified of your desire to join the program so we can welcome you and apply the exclusive perks.

How can I qualify as a VIP Team?

Groups of 8+ members qualify for our VIP Program as well as the 20% off pass purchases! Not everyone on your team has to choose the same pass level to count as a large group. However, you will need to have customer service do the registrations for you in order to get the 20% group discount applied across different pass levels.

I’m ready to register! What information do you need?

Email our customer support team the following information per team member: name, email, job title, company, phone, address, package choice, and, if applicable, class choice, tutorial choices, and additional add-ons.

I already registered a team of 8 without contacting customer service. Can I still qualify?

Yes! Please contact our customer support team and we will confirm your status and contact you with the next steps.

I already registered a small group, but now more people want to come so we can qualify for VIP status. How do I complete these registrations?

Contact customer support to get the conversation started. We are happy to add additional registrations later on to a group. While we can’t retroactively offer larger discounts on passes that were already purchased, we can offer a discount on new purchases.

I am having trouble convincing my boss to send more team members. What should I do?

Tell your boss to join us! Our FREE Leadership Summit passes are the perfect opportunity for management to get involved. And one of our most commonly echoed thoughts from past groups is that they wish they had brought their leaders along.

Our company will be a sponsor at the conference. If we have 8 team members, can we also qualify for the VIP Program?

Yes! We have had sponsor VIP groups before and we would love to see your whole team attend. Booth staff will not count towards the 8 members needed, but all other pass levels will, even if you use your sponsor discounts to assist with some of the pass purchases.

My team does not have 8 members or we can only join virtually. Can we still join the program?

Sadly, no. Only in-person groups of 8 or more qualify. But the good news is you can still take advantage of our group discounts of 10% off for 3+ people and 20% off for 6+ people on both in-person and virtual passes. We hope to see you as a VIP next time!