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Premier Sponsors

Tricentis logo

Tricentis is the recognized leader in continuous testing and automation and is widely credited for reinventing software testing and delivery for DevOps and agile environments. Through agile test management and advanced test automation optimized to support over 150+ technologies, the Tricentis platform enables enterprises to accelerate their digital transformation by dramatically increasing software release speed, reducing costs, and improving software quality. Tricentis operates in over 12 countries and has more than 1,600 customers, including the largest brands in the world, such as Accenture, Coca Cola, Dolby, Nationwide Insurance, and Zappos. To learn more, visit or follow us on LinkedInTwitter, and Facebook.

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Platinum Sponsors

Copado logo

Copado powers the world’s largest digital transformations through a fusion of cloud-native DevOps and end-to-end test automation. From Coca-Cola to Dropbox to Toyota, 200+ innovative brands leverage our low-code platform to unleash the full power of Salesforce and SaaS clouds. Copado is on a mission to make release days obsolete by helping development teams drive 307% ROI, 20x faster deployments and 78% fewer production failures. Features include:

  • CI/CD Platform: Optimize development lifecycle across multi-cloud environments. 
  • Value Stream Maps: Derisk dev cycle via pipeline visibility and traceability.
  • Copado Robotic Testing: Automate QA and ramp up software releases. 


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linearB logo

Engineering leaders use LinearB to visualize flow metrics, fix process bottlenecks, align to business priorities and automate OKR success. We correlate data from code, Git, projects and releases to help everyone improve from developer to CTO.

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propelo logo

Propelo Engineering Excellence platform analyzes data from all your DevOps tools to provide the missing insights that help deliver software faster, and improve dev productivity and security. Propelo helps engineering leaders supplement their intuition with data-backed evidence to make decisions confidently and with precision. Propelo’s no-code RPA for DevOps enables organizations to automate tasks and workflows, thereby bringing about continuous improvement. Delivered as a SaaS solution, Propelo integrates quickly and easily with over 40+ SDLC tools such as Jira, GitHub, Azure DevOps, Jenkins to compute DORA metrics and over 100 other insightful metrics within hours.

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Sonatype logo

Sonatype is the software supply chain management company. We empower developers and security professionals with intelligent tools to innovate more securely at scale. Our platform addresses every element of an organization’s entire software development life cycle, including third-party open source code, first-party source code, infrastructure as code, and containerized code. Sonatype identifies critical security vulnerabilities and code quality issues and reports results directly to developers when they can most effectively fix them. This helps organizations develop consistently high-quality, secure software which fully meets their business needs and those of their end-customers and partners. More than 2,000 organizations, including 70% of the Fortune 100, and 15 million software developers already rely on our tools and guidance to help them deliver and maintain exceptional and secure software.

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TD Bank logo

Get to know TD, a top 10 North American bank.  TD is the sixth largest bank in North America by branches, serving approximately 24 million customers in a number of locations in key financial centres around the globe. Our mission is to give our clients the best banking experience possible, every day. To do that, we depend on our team of more than 80,000 talented, ambitious people who share our passion for excellence.  Think “TD” if you crave meaningful work and embrace change like we do. We are a trusted North American leader that cares about people and inspires them to grow and move forward.  Be part of our exciting Agile journey. We are hiring a variety of experts including Agile Coaches, Release Train Engineers, and Practice Leaders. Leverage your expertise to effectively coach and train a variety of teams / stakeholders, growing and building Agile capability across the organization. Visit our career site at for further information.

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ZAPTEST Inc. logo
ZAPTEST is a Software Automation solution for any organization that uses software for operations or development, looking to automate its back-office operations or software testing processes and develop a seamless and revolving automation framework.

We are a Software+Services solution that provides efficient automation of any application UI through live application, mock-ups, or video scenarios, auto-generates documentation, and executes automation play-back on multiple environments at once; unlike other solutions that are oriented to either testing or robotic process automation (RPA) and require instrumentation of the application under automation.

We are able to automate any application and execute the same scripts for TEST and RPA, all while offering an unlimited licensing model with certified implementation.


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Gold Sponsors

Apica logo

Apica’s active monitoring platform is used by global organizations to solve the most complex digital performance issues in today’s multi-cloud, hybrid and on-premises environments. Apica delivers its scalable monitoring and detailed insights across any location, device, app, or authentication. Our SaaS platform combines load testing and synthetic monitoring to reduce friction and time to resolution for cloud migrations, applications and underlying infrastructure outages ensuring all user experiences exceed expectations. To learn more about Apica, visit


Enhanced monitoring of complex digital application performance and workflows
Deep integration with DevOps, CI/CD and IT Service Management solutions
Highly customizable in support of "Bring your own Tests/Checks" (BYOT/C)
Industry leading professional services for onboarding and ensuring immediate business value from the Apica platform
Load test integration to ensure DevOps to production continuity

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Coveros logo

Coveros helps organizations of all sizes accelerate and improve software development and delivery through consulting, training, and coaching. Unlike firms with prescriptive approaches or limited technical capabilities, Coveros provides comprehensive agile, DevOps, and security services, tailored to your specific organizational needs. Our engineers and consultants use years of practical, hands-on experience to build simple, easily-maintained solutions that utilize best practices—and we do it all with a focus on security and quality. Learn more about how we can help at

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HCL Software logo

Meet HCL Software DevOps, the most comprehensive offering of robust products for organizations to advance their secure DevOps practices with solutions for source control and work item management, continuous delivery and testing, security scans and value stream management.

Leveraging our comprehensive solution set and business leaders with decades of industry secure DevOps experience, we have created a solution as unique as your business.

This means having the peace of mind knowing you have the products you need with the leading experts in secure DevOps by your side.

HCL Software is a division of HCL Technologies (HCL) that operates its primary software business. We develop, market, sell, and support over 30 product families in the areas of Customer Experience, Digital Solutions, Secure DevOps, Security & Automation.  With over 4700 experts across 50+ countries, our mission is to drive ultimate customer success of their IT investments through relentless innovation of our software products. 

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Inflectra is a market leader in software test management, test automation, application lifecycle management, and enterprise portfolio management space. The company is headquartered in the USA and has offices in over 10 countries. Known globally for its legendary customer support, Inflectra makes turn-key solutions that are available as cloud-hosted (via AWS) and as a download. Inflectra’s platforms are designed with regulated industries in mind where portfolio management, requirements traceability, resource management, document workflow, baselining, and enterprise risk analysis are required. The company uses a concurrent pricing model for all its tools. All Inflectra products have a 30-day free trial.
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Octopus Deploy logo

Octopus Deploy simplifies the hardest parts of continuous delivery and operations processes.  Deploying software can be an error-prone and unreliable process, and Octopus delivers a vendor-agnostic solution that simplifies deployments and runbooks and makes release management easy. Octopus Deploy gives you confidence and control over your entire continuous delivery pipeline.

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Synopsys logo

Synopsys builds trust in software by enabling organizations to manage application security, quality, and compliance risks at the speed their business demands.

With Synopsys, organizations can transform the way they build and deliver software, aligning people, processes, and technology to intelligently address software risks across their portfolio and at all stages of the application lifecycle.

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Tidelift logo

Tidelift is the largest provider of commercial support and maintenance for the community-led open source behind modern applications. Tidelift partners with independent project maintainers to make it safer, easier, and more cost-effective for application development teams to build with open source, so they can create even more incredible software, even faster. The Tidelift managed open source solution delivers customizable catalogs of components that are actively maintained, secure, and accurately licensed, enabling development teams to build and deploy with confidence. Tidelift makes open source work better—for everyone.

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Silver Sponsors

Brightest logo

Brightest GmbH is your global certification provider for professionals throughout the IT-industry!

We support global certification standards, administering exams in several languages, that provide a path for measuring and confirming industry-based knowledge. Our ever-growing portfolio currently focusses on Software Testing (ISTQB), Software Architecture (iSAQB), Software Project Management (WITPM), Function Point Analysis (IFPUG), and the ever-growing United Portfolio (DevOps, Agile, API Testing, Selenium & Test Automation, AI, Performance Testing, Cloud, UX, Blockchain, Data & Analytics & Design Sprints).

Join training with one of our training provider partners, or challenge the exam directly with us and #reachyourpotential. Meet us at the Brightest stand and you might even get the chance to win a free exam!

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Checkpoint Technologies logo

Checkpoint Technologies enables organizations to deliver higher quality software applications to market faster!  We provide quality assurance and software testing solutions and services covering Performance, Functional, and AppSec testing in all methodologies - DevOps, Agile, Hybrid, Waterfall, and everything in-between.  Our services include staff augmentation, tailored Strategic QA and Software Testing assessments, consulting, education and both near-shore and on-shore contract resources. We provide software solutions, recognized as the best, through our partnerships and affiliations with leading organizations such as Micro Focus, Keysight, Inflectra, Tricentis, and Kobiton.

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Harness logo

Harness, the Modern Software Delivery Platform, provides a simple, safe and secure way for engineering and DevOps teams to rapidly release applications into production. Harness uses machine learning to detect the quality of deployments and automatically roll back failed ones, saving time and reducing the need for custom scripting and manual oversight, giving engineers their weekends back. Harness Inc. is based in San Francisco.

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headspin logo
The HeadSpin data science platform is an industry first, providing a powerful, easy-to-use solution that enables development, QA, product, and operations teams to accelerate release cycles, build for complex real-world user environments, and know whenever any component of the system degrades or breaks—whether at the code, device, or network layer—anywhere in the world.
Since inception, the platform’s extensive on-prem and cloud-hosted global device infrastructure has been expanded with machine learning-driven performance and quality of experience analytics to proactively test and monitor mobile, web, audio and video applications in real-time.
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Kobiton logo

Kobiton is a cloud based mobile app testing platform allowing users to quickly and easily run manual and automated tests against real Android and iOS devices. Our platform gives testers and DevOps teams access to real devices they want and the ability to manage ones they own. Kobiton is simple to use, easy to access remotely, and has flexible pricing packages to meet your testing and budgetary needs. With auto-generated, centralized test data, Kobiton makes mobile testing on real devices faster and more collaborative, helping teams identify and resolve errors sooner for quicker time to market and reduced app abandonment.

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Teleport logo

Teleport is the easiest, most secure way to access all your infrastructure. Our platform, the open-source Teleport Access Plane, consolidates the four essential infrastructure access capabilities every security-conscious organization needs: connectivity, authentication, authorization, and audit. By consolidating all aspects of infrastructure access into a single platform for software engineers and the applications they write, Teleport reduces attack surface area, cuts operational overhead, easily enforces compliance, and improves productivity. The Teleport Access Plane replaces VPNs, shared credentials, and legacy privileged access management technologies, improving security and engineering productivity.

UBS Hainer logo

UBS Hainer organizes data for your software development. Through our software tools we support and relieve software developers and IT departments by automating test data management and optimizing their systems. Our claim for over 25 years: Cost reduction, performance improvement, shorter processing time and qualified system automation.


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Partner Sponsors

CIO Review

Published in Fremont, California, CIOReview is one of the leading print magazines in the US. It is the knowledge platform where C-suite executives deliberate on critical market challenges and current technological trends across industries. We are a unique magazine because all of our contributors are senior executives from the industry.

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