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Thursday, June 9, 2016 - 10:00am to 11:00am

Use Business Analysts for User Interface Design

Have you experienced difficulties eliciting “what would you like the system to do” from customers and SMEs? Have you then delivered the system only to find that the users don’t like it, even though it meets their stated requirements exactly? Cathy Sargent shares a technique for using mockups early in the development process to help overcome the challenges of gathering complete functional and business requirements, and establishing a mutual understanding of what a system should do. Put a visual representation of the application in the hands of your SMEs, testers, trainers, and development team. This collaborative effort, driven by the business analyst, saves your application development from re-work due to poor requirements or incorrect interpretations of business needs. Generate better software solutions and gain end-user buy-in early in the SDLC. Teams can properly scope the solution using these mockups, resulting in better estimates and more accurate deadlines from your project manager. Provide your customers with exactly “what they would like the system to do.”

Cathy Sargent
The Jackson Laboratory

A senior business system analyst at The Jackson Laboratory, Cathy Sargent leverages her background in software quality assurance to approach functional and business requirements with a Murphy's Law attitude. The challenging and innovative science behind the unique technology needs of the Laboratory necessitate that business and functional requirements are fully met and the user experience is consistent in an application. Cathy draws on her knowledge of software configuration management and software testing to focus on process improvement and documentation while implementing ERPs, LIMS, and web-based applications in validated environments.