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Wednesday, June 8, 2016 - 11:30am to 12:30pm

DevOps Is More than Just Dev and Ops: Don’t Forget Testing

What exactly is DevOps? It’s not just Dev, and it’s not just Ops. In fact, successful DevOps implementations meld development and operations activities with agile practices and a strong dose of automated testing. Organizations cannot afford to wait for a manual testing process to do the job. Developers need fast feedback loops, and managers need agile organizations. Join Jonah Stiennon as he discusses the importance of agile and testing in DevOps. Jonah introduces practical ways engineering departments can shorten the iteration cycle between Dev and Test. Automating the repetitive parts of testing brings huge benefits, so test teams can spend time in better ways, such as finding new ways to break their organization’s apps. Automated testing supports overall better code architecture and provides a definitive enumeration of how your apps will actually behave. The result is a win-win-win. Learn how you can speed your team’s innovation and deliver more competitive products that benefit everyone.

Jonah Stiennon
Sauce Labs

Jonah Stiennon is a software developer at Sauce Labs where he primarily works as a core contributor to Appium, the mobile test automation framework. Originally from Michigan, he focuses his software efforts on code editors and developer tooling. Jonah has successfully completed complex reverse-engineering tasks. He has spoken on Appium and other topics at conferences in three countries. As far as Jonah knows, he is the only Node.js developer who issued invoices as JSON documents and was paid in Bitcoin.