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Thursday, October 3, 2013 - 1:30pm - 2:30pm
Test Techniques

User Acceptance Testing: Make the User a Part of the Team

Adding user acceptance testing (UAT) to your testing lifecycle can increase the probability of finding defects before software is released. The challenge is to fully engage users and assist them in becoming effective testers. Help achieve this goal by involving users early and setting realistic expectations. Showing how users add value and taking them through the UAT process strengthens their ability and commitment. Conducting user acceptance testing sessions as software functionality becomes available helps to build confidence and capability—and find defects earlier. Susan Bradley shares a five-step process that you can use in your organization to conduct user acceptance testing. Learn to conduct training, set up daily testing expectations, assign test cases to users, create a shared information site for both test case management and feedback documentation, conduct a review of noted issues with all interested parties, and participate in a retrospective regarding the UAT process to  improve the process for next time.

Susan Bradley, Grange Mutual Insurance

A certified software testing engineer (CSTE) for seven years, Susan Bradley has worked in quality assurance and testing for sixteen years. Today Susan strives to bring best manual testing processes to Grange Mutual Insurance where she is the enterprise QA software process architect. She had the opportunity to work on the top project initiative at Grange and interact closely with the business units to ensure a quality product. Susan is a member of the Central Ohio Quality Assurance Association.

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