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Tuesday, October 1, 2013 - 1:00pm - 4:30pm
Half-day Tutorials

Production Performance Testing in the Cloud

Testing in production for online applications has evolved into a critical component of successful performance testing strategies. Dan Bartow explains the fundamentals of cloud computing, its application to full-scale performance validation, and the practices and techniques needed to design and execute a successful testing-in-production strategy. Drawing on his experiences, Dan describes the methodology he has used for testing numerous online applications in a production environment with minimal disruption. He explains how to create a performance testing strategy to give your team critical data about how your online application performs and scales. Learn how to create a robust lab-to-production ecosystem that delivers the answers about what will happen when peak traffic hits your site. Take back practical approaches to mitigate the three most common problems—security, test data, and potential live customer impact—that arise when embarking on testing in production.

Dan Bartow, SOASTA, Inc.

At SOASTA, Dan Bartow is Vice President of Product Management for the industry leading and award-winning product CloudTest. Prior to joining SOASTA, Dan was Senior Manager of Engineering at Intuit where his team was responsible for the speed and stability of TurboTax Online. During the past decade he has been responsible for the performance of websites for dozens of leading consumer brands.

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