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Tuesday, October 1, 2013 - 8:30am - 12:00pm
Half-day Tutorials

Discovering New Test Ideas: Getting that Burst of Creativity NEW

Feel your testing’s stuck in a rut? Looking for new ways to discover test ideas? Wondering if your testers have constructive methods to discover different approaches for testing? In this interactive session, Karen Johnson explains how to use heuristics to find new ideas. After a brief discussion, Karen has you apply and practice with a variety of heuristics. Need to step back and consider some of your testing challenges from a fresh perspective? This workshop explores the use of the CIA’s tool, the Phoenix Checklist, a set of intentionally designed context-free questions that can help you look at a problem or challenge from a fresh perspective. Karen reviews the fun and useful tool of brainstorming and variations on brainstorming that you can use with your team. Come join a session designed to explore creative ways to strengthen your approach to testing.

Karen N. Johnson, Software Test Management, Inc.

Karen N. Johnson is a software test consultant, working on-site and remotely to help her clients build testing teams and strengthen their testing practice. Karen is considered an expert in software testing and has been part of the context-driven software testing community for a number of years. She is a frequent speaker at testing conferences; a contributing author to the book, Beautiful Testing; and co-founder of WREST, the Workshop on Regulated Software Testing. Karen has published numerous articles and blogs about her experiences with software testing.

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