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Thursday, October 3, 2013 - 11:15am - 12:15pm
Test Automation

Automated Testing of a Dynamically Configurable System

You provide your clients a service and product, designed so that each component is customizable and can be dynamically changed right down to screen layout and field location. This greatly increases the amount of testing you have to perform on a release since there could be more than fifty variations of the component. So how do you ensure high quality outcomes with so much testing to be performed under tight timeframes? You automate the testing, of course. But how do you efficiently manage and automate the dynamic changes within the automated testing framework when the automated testing has to be continuously changed? Terry Morrish explains how to successfully structure automated testing to minimize the overhead management of the dynamically changing environment using a combination of Selenium, css identifiers, JSON files, and a distributed automation farm.

Terry Morrish, Synacor

Terry Morrish has held various roles in software development during his more than fourteen years of consulting and managing quality assurance teams. Currently the director of quality engineering at Synacor, Terry guides overall quality for agile teams supporting more than forty-five portals and millions of users a day including serving up integrations such as TV Everywhere. He is an established mentor to current university students and a coach in the community. In his spare time, Terry is an avid curler, writes a blog, and dabbles in mobile app development.

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