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Thursday, October 3, 2013 - 1:30pm - 2:30pm
Special Topics

Get Testing Help from the Crowd

Crowdsourcing has become widely acknowledged as a productivity solution across numerous industries. However, for companies incorporating crowdsourcing into existing business practices, specific issues must be addressed: What problem are we trying to solve? How do we control the process? How do we incentivize people to achieve our goals? Ultimately, the key to successfully employing a crowdsourcing model is to move beyond the realm of the “mob” to create an engaged, interactive community of diverse and skilled professionals. In the world of quality assurance, crowdsourcing has the potential to effectively solve emerging challenges and take your testing to new heights. Using real-world examples, Matt Johnston explains how you can leverage the crowd to complement your internal systems, ensure systems work as intended under real-world conditions, and effectively manage the scalability of testing efforts.

Matt Johnston, uTest

With more than a decade of marketing experience at companies ranging from early-stage start-ups to publicly traded enterprises, Matt Johnston leads uTest's marketing and community management efforts. Since joining uTest as employee #8 in late 2008, Matt has provided a technical sensibility to uTest’s engagement of testers and engineers. As CMO, he leads uTest’s strategic initiatives, such as partnership formation and helping to define uTest’s expansion strategy.

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