STAREAST 2019 Tutorial: Blockchain Quality: Securing Trust in a Digital Age

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Monday, April 29, 2019 - 1:00pm to 4:30pm

Blockchain Quality: Securing Trust in a Digital Age

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Blockchain technology introduces decentralized, distributed, cryptographically linked digital structures that record information across many computers. Due to its highly secure structure, blockchain is growing at a rapid pace in the financial and automotive industries, and adoption is starting in other industries. We are also witnessing the rise of the smart contract, a set of immutable programmatic auto-enforcing rules that live on the blockchain. However, although there are many benefits, blockchain introduces a unique set of testing and quality concerns. For example, race conditions and disagreements among network nodes are common. To compensate, multiple techniques must be used to automatically maintain network consensus. As blockchain software is immutable, changes cannot easily be made after deployment. Join Dionny Santiago as he introduces you to the exciting world of blockchain technology. Learn the fundamentals of blockchain and how this technology is being used today. Understand the associated risks and challenges and why we should care as testers. Come and see a live blockchain demo and gain hands-on experience writing automated tests for these types of applications.

Dionny Santiago
Ultimate Software

Dionny Santiago is a Principal Quality Architect at Ultimate Software, a leading cloud provider of human capital management solutions. Dionny provides expertise and leadership in software testing and contributes in various capacities including hands-on testing, technical problem solving, training, and internal tools development. Test automation being one of his primary areas of interest, one of Dionny’s goals is to advance the current state of the art; he is focused on research and development efforts to apply artificial intelligence and machine learning to software testing. Dionny is also currently pursuing his M.Sc. in Computer Science at Florida International University.