STAREAST 2019 Industry Presentation : How ALP transforms testing and reconnects QA with customers

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Thursday, May 2, 2019 - 1:30pm to 2:30pm

How ALP transforms testing and reconnects QA with customers

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Functionize’s Adaptive Language Processing™ makes pain English the new language of testing. As a result, everyone from product managers to business analysts can contribute to the SDLC process. ALP™ reconnects the product and testing teams. Now, it is easy for product managers to write tests that match the real user journeys in your application. Furthermore, the gap between testing and the end customers is narrowed. Traditional test automation focuses on how the test works over what the test is trying to achieve. With ALP™, you are telling the Functionize system exactly how the system should function from the end-user’s perspective.

Elizabeth Choiniere

Elizabeth Choiniere is passionate about making her clients successful. As a seasoned customer success executive within the test automation landscape, Liz excels at developing strong client relationships because of her leadership, communication abilities, analytical thinking, creativity, and IT skills. By creating unique programs centered around customer alignment and measurable insights, Liz raises the bar for quality and delivers exception customer outcomes.