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Wednesday, June 24, 2015 - 1:30pm - 2:30pm
Mobile Testing

Techniques, Tools, and Technology for Better Mobile App Testing Prior Year Content

Today, mobile app testing expertise is in high demand and offers an exciting career path in test/QA. However, the recent Future of Testing study, sponsored by TechWell, noted that the biggest challenge in mobile―just behind having enough time to test―is expertise. Brad Johnson shares how companies from banking to retail use data from real production users, continuous integration frameworks, cloud-based testing platforms, and real mobile devices to help ensure every user experiences top-rated performance—all the time. Brad shares insight about what to test for mobile, when to first automate, and a metric that will drive real change. Explore how organizations are  communicating across teams and improving developer-to-tester collaboration with new approaches. Testers need to develop new skills ranging from software coding requirements to data science. Takeaway tips and ideas to impact your company, enhance your skill set, and propel your career with exciting options and new challenges.

Brad Johnson
Brad Johnson, SOASTA

Cloud-computing pioneer Brad Johnson joined SOASTA in December 2008 to focus on changing IT services around quality and to bring new ways of thinking and testing to the quality market. With twenty years in IT, Brad’s former roles as head of test and monitoring products at Compuware, Mercury Interactive, and Borland prepared him well to disrupt the skeptical and established software quality market with updated approaches and technologies for continuous web and mobile testing. Contact Brad on Twitter @BradJohnsonsv.

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