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Mobile Testing

Concurrent Sessions

W4 Testing Mobile App Performance
Brad Stoner, Neotys
Wed, 06/24/2015 - 10:15am

The mix of ever-smarter mobile devices and the constant connectivity of wireless networks have changed the way users access applications—and the way we develop and test them. Deployed applications deliver different content and functionality depending on whether the user is accessing them via a browser, smartphone, or tablet. And applications are accessed over myriad network configurations, including wireless and mobile networks. Brad Stoner presents an in-depth look at performance testing challenges for mobile applications including recording from devices, playing back device-specific requests, and accounting for variances in users’ geographical locations. Discover some of the best mobile performance testing approaches such as emulating mobile networks with varying connection speeds, packet loss, and latency during load tests. Find out when to use real devices vs. emulators to ensure high mobile application performance delivery to all end-users, at all times—on any device or network.

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W8 Usability Testing Goes Mobile
Susan Brockley, ExxonMobil
Wed, 06/24/2015 - 11:30am

The introduction of mobile devices and applications presents new challenges to traditional usability testing practices. Identifying the differences between usability testing techniques for traditional desktop applications and mobile applications is critical to ensuring their acceptance and use. New equipment requirements for usability testing of mobile applications add to transition issues. Join Susan Brockley to discover ways to transition your traditional usability testing program into the mobile environment. Review usability testing fundamentals and then explore additional dimensions—context, affordance, and accessibility—of mobile usability testing. Learn how user expectations influence and change our approach to usability and how new factors such as power, connectivity, and protective covers impact the overall user experience. Get advice from Susan on how to plan and conduct field tests that are representative of your target audience. Finally, assess your organization’s usability maturity and take back positive steps to make your transition into the mobile usability testing field successful.

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W12 Techniques, Tools, and Technology for Better Mobile App Testing
Brad Johnson, SOASTA
Wed, 06/24/2015 - 1:30pm

Today, mobile app testing expertise is in high demand and offers an exciting career path in test/QA. However, the recent Future of Testing study, sponsored by TechWell, noted that the biggest challenge in mobile―just behind having enough time to test―is expertise. Brad Johnson shares how companies from banking to retail use data from real production users, continuous integration frameworks, cloud-based testing platforms, and real mobile devices to help ensure every user experiences top-rated performance—all the time. Brad shares insight about what to test for mobile, when to first automate, and a metric that will drive real change. Explore how organizations are  communicating across teams and improving developer-to-tester collaboration with new approaches. Testers need to develop new skills ranging from software coding requirements to data science. Takeaway tips and ideas to impact your company, enhance your skill set, and propel your career with exciting options and new challenges.

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