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Gavin Gray

Gavin Gray
Infinio Systems

Gavin Gray is technical director of software delivery at Infinio Systems, the leader in enterprise data center storage acceleration software. Gavin came to Infinio with a vision―to pioneer radically disruptive methods of software delivery into the enterprise. He joined Infinio after an eight-year tenure at VMware where he held a variety of development, test, build, and leadership positions. Most recently, Gavin was a member of VMware’s end-user computing office of the CTO, in charge of optimizing software delivery throughout the EUC product portfolio. Earlier Gavin developed software in support of radar defense systems research at MIT’s Lincoln Laboratory.

Speaker Presentations
Wednesday, June 10, 2015 - 1:30pm
DevOps & The Enterprise
Pioneering Continuous Deployment into the Enterprise

Continuous deployment gives software companies the capability to more rapidly deliver features to their customers, reducing time-to-value and increasing potential revenue. Continuous deployment improves team communication, productivity, and morale by dissolving organizational silos while simultaneously encouraging shared ownership of quality and operations. Web-centric software companies like Google, Facebook, Netflix, and Amazon have employed continuous deployment for years, yet most developers of on-premise and enterprise software continue to ship on multi-month, annual, or even bi-annual cadences. Considering the many advantages of continuous deployment, it seems natural that all software companies would want to use it—regardless of the flavor of software they produce. Gavin Gray details the challenges that on-premise and enterprise software companies face when implementing continuous deployment. Gavin describes how product strategy, organizational structure, software delivery process, company culture, and software development technical best practices all contribute to successful adoption of continuous deployment into the enterprise.