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Why DevOps West?

The DevOps Conference focuses on this new approach to creating quality software quickly.

The DevOps conference brings you the latest thinking in improving the software development lifecycle. Whether new to DevOps, or experienced with the process, learn the latest advances to improve your product delivery.

Conference session topics include:

•     The basic building blocks of DevOps

•     Transforming an organization to use DevOps principles

•     The concepts of Continuous Integration, Continuous Testing, and Continuous
       Deployment and the benefits of each

•     Overcoming organizational inertia to DevOps adoption

•     The use of DevOps in mobile app development

•     Experience reports of organizational transformations

95% of 2014 attendees recommend
this conference
to others in the industry

In addition, pre-conference training courses help you become proficient in the fundamentals of agile or get certified in the roles of ScrumMaster, Product Owner, and Agile Software Tester.

During the conference presentations, learn from key industry experts. Gain key insights from both experts and your peers on issues you deal with every day.

The DevOps Conference provides an intimate learning experience, giving you the opportunity to meet with fellow practitioners and have one-on-one consulting sessions with experts.

Attend the DevOps Conference and acquire the knowledge you need to improve your product delivery.