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Thomas Vaniotis

Thomas Vaniotis

Thomas Vaniotis has more than ten years of experience as a tester, developer, and product analyst. At NYC-based institutional brokerage Liquidnet, Thomas is the product manager for internal and external customer tools that manage multiple complex trading applications. He is interested in data-driven business analysis, customer-experience design, exploratory testing, and the theory of software creation. Thomas’ background in music and philosophy gives him a unique perspective on the world of finance and technology. He has previously spoken at STARCANADA and CAST, and tweets @tvaniotis.

Speaker Presentations
Wednesday, November 11, 2015 - 4:15pm
Projects & Teams
Lean Entrepreneurship for Software Professionals

Software teams are faced with the prospect of building a product, only to have unexpected shifts in customer demand, changes in the competitive landscape, or swings in the economic climate undermine their plans and turn their product into expensive waste. What is an entrepreneurially-minded software developer, designer, or tester to do? Thomas Vaniotis guides you toward a shift in thinking that is manifest in the Lean Startup and Lean UX movement. Learn to value information that comes from quickly exposing an idea to market pressures rather than considering the delivery of a particular feature as the goal. Identify wasteful activities in your product cycle and re-invest that energy by innovating around the build-measure-learn loop that drives value. Lean thinking and using meaningful production data to drive decisions will assist you—whether a tester, developer, product manager, or designer—in operating under the uncertain conditions of modern markets, regardless of your company’s age or size.