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John Krewson

John Krewson
MasterCard Worldwide

John Krewson (@johnkrewson) is the agile transformation lead at MasterCard and a consultant whose expertise is based on real-world experience rather than regurgitated dogma. His communication skills, patience, and agile experience blend into a unique style that is both approachable and entertaining. Since he still hasn't found the silver bullet to eliminate all the complexities of software development, John continues to challenge organizations to improve their delivery of customer value through the application of agile principles and practices. Before his time with MasterCard, John was an agile consultant with VersionOne. In a prior life, John was a professional actor who, among other credits, appeared on Saturday Night Live. Read John's blog at

Speaker Presentations
Thursday, November 12, 2015 - 11:30am
Projects & Teams
The Show Must Go On: Leadership Lessons from the Theater

When creating a play or movie, what are the first three rules of directing? Casting, casting, and casting. How does Saturday Night Live produce sketch after sketch of comedy? By iterating. John Krewson finds that the principles of leadership and management in the worlds of theatre, TV, and film offer a number of lessons in the management of teams, talent, products, and change. These lessons are invaluable to those who are leading high performing software development teams or managing a software product. John takes you through the journey of creating and delivering theatrical and film productions, then shows how you can use practices like the rehearsal process and the development of a comedy revue to improve the software delivery process. He dives into specific approaches and methods used by performers and directors to harness creativity, develop shared understanding, empower and motivate teams, and manage focus. John shares multiple interactive demonstrations that further illustrate the application of these principles.