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Chris Haddad

Chris Haddad

A Cloud-y PaaS and SaaS architect since the turn of the century, Chris Haddad is an Apache Stratos and Cloud architecture aficionado who has worked with clients to deploy innovative ecosystem PaaS environments. Chris has led many successful startup software teams who operated as the solution provider of choice. He has advised Fortune 500/Global 2000 organizations on cloud native software strategies, roadmaps, and best practices. Chris is an accomplished author and speaker whose goal is to make you and your team successful.

Job Title: 
Founder and Chief Architect
Speaker Presentations
Thursday, November 12, 2015 - 10:00am
Cloud Computing
Eight Miles High: Build Cloud-native and Cloud-aware Systems

Achieve development agility, improve run-time application resiliency, and deliver highly-responsive applications by adopting cloud-native design patterns and building cloud-aware applications. Forklifting applications into the cloud is relatively fast, but the simple path into the cloud does not create better software. End-users may still complain about your development velocity, operations may still struggle to maintain uptime guarantees, and development iterations may continue at a glacial pace. By iteratively applying cloud-native design patterns and re-architecting applications, teams reduce technical debt, deploy with confidence, and build highly scalable solutions. Cloud-aware applications embrace microservices, actor model interactions, map-reduce processing, shared-nothing architecture, and the thirteen dwarf patterns. Learn about cloud-native design practices and frameworks that help you optimize scalability, foster anti-fragility, and decompose application monoliths into cloud-native microservices. Chris describes how Akka, Hadoop, Apache Stratos, Hysterix, and other open source projects make cloud-native design and implementation an approachable proposition.