Agile + DevOps East - Conference Speaker: Jim Grundner

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Jim Grundner

Agile Practices Lead
Jim Grunder

Jim has spent his professional career focused on learning, understanding, and attempting to create great value from the definition of the customer. He has a deep belief that waste is the enemy of value and we should do all we can to eliminate it. Over the past decade he has looked to further his understanding and skills in enterprise agile delivery and transformation, primarily related to digital technology in the financial services Industry. His belief system is to bring the best of agile, lean, the minimum viable product (MVP), and automation of software processes to create great software! Jim has most recently led an enterprise agile transformation for an organization with more than 10,000 associates and over 300 Scrum teams. His experience includes agile practice leadership and consultation with several Fortune 500 companies in the pursuit of their agile transformation journey.