Agile + DevOps East 2019 Concurrent Session : Feature Flagging: Proven Patterns for Control and Observability in Continuous Delivery

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Thursday, November 7, 2019 - 4:45pm to 5:45pm

Feature Flagging: Proven Patterns for Control and Observability in Continuous Delivery

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Are you moving faster than fast? Congrats! Chances are you already use feature flags to decouple code deployments from feature rollouts. Whether you use a roll-your-own feature-flagging solution (with a few quirks) or a feature-flags-as-a-service solution, hopefully you post feature flag rollout changes to something like Datadog so that when a flag rollout lines up with an obvious spike, you know whom to have a talk with. It's a solid start, but that’s just the basics. What do data-driven CD ninjas do? They build in observability to every feature release, so when they push a feature to 5 percent of users, it’s zero work to see how user and system behavior for those users compares to the other 95 percent. Ninjas also auto-calculate guardrail metrics, so when a change is pushed to locally optimize something, it’s easy to detect unintended consequences that impact organization-wide metrics. You’ll leave this session with a clear vision of how your team can achieve the same benefits, by either enhancing your in-house solution or adopting a commercial tool.

Dave Karow

Dave Karow is an energetic and animated speaker known for demystifying technology and democratizing access to tools. Dave was fortunate to grow up watching Silicon Valley evolve from chips to software to internet services all around him, affording him a unique perspective on the long arc of technology evolution. Dave punched computer cards at age five, managed an online forum on CompuServe (when that was a thing!), learned grep, sed, and awk before you could just google recipes for regular expressions, and was tech director for the first Webby Awards in San Francisco. Before joining Split, Dave evangelized the shift of performance testing left at BlazeMeter, helping dev teams ship faster with greater confidence. As evangelist at Split Software, Dave speaks about feature flag strategies that connect progressive feature delivery with user-level measurement of system health, user experience, and user behavior.