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Wednesday, November 12, 2014 - 1:30pm - 2:30pm
Agile Methods

Transforming How We Deliver Value: Agility at Scale

Continuous delivery in software development allows us to deliver incrementally, get quick feedback, and react. A key enabler is the adoption of agile techniques and methods; key inhibitors in the enterprise are size, scale, and complexity. The Rational ALM organization is a typical enterprise, and our teams have (mostly) adopted agile principles. But agility at enterprise scale is not the same as team-based agile development. Now we must coordinate work across multiple interdependent teams to deliver value, rather than focusing on developing a single product or application. Amy Silberbauer shares her experience of adapting SAFe in an enterprise organization and describes the struggles, mistakes, and successes throughout that process. Amy identifies the key challenges, including the need to identify value, provide the right data for various audiences, and the inherent required culture shift. Learn how to avoid some common pitfalls as you and your own organization embark on this same transformation.

An executive IT specialist in the IBM Rational organization, Amy Silberbauer is a Solution Architect charged with defining and driving Rational’s Enterprise Scaled Agile solution, which is a critical part of Strategic DevOps. An architect and an engineer with two decades of software development experience, Amy is a recognized subject matter expert on software development lifecycle solutions, including enterprise modernization, SOA, and BPM.

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