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Thursday, November 13, 2014 - 1:30pm - 2:30pm
Agile Leadership

Software Managers: Their Place in Agile

No more managers! No more hierarchy! A truly self organizing, self-running team! These phrases strike fear into managers almost as much as: We are moving to agile. As successful companies like Zappos, GitHub, and Treehouse discard managers from their teams, other software managers are left wondering about their futures. The reality is that managers are even more relevant and necessary today—if they transform from command-and-control to a coaching-style role. Employees need to know they have an advocate—not just in the business but in their careers. Learn from Brian Sobus how to become that advocate as he draws on his experience leading agile and traditional software development teams. Peer over the abyss as Brian delves into the nuances that are required for this new manager role. Learn how we perceive managers, how that perception must change, and how managers can embrace this transformation. Discover why this needed leadership meshes well with and elevates self-directed teams.

Brian Sobus, Teradata

The engineering director at Teradata in Durham, North Carolina, Brian Sobus has held director, VP, manager, and contributor level positions in a variety of software development organizations. Brian has more than fifteen years of experience working in areas of public safety, healthcare and HIPAA-compliant systems, digital signatures, computer security, telecommunications, SaaS-based products, and digital agencies. His background spans embedded to web-based systems architecture and development in a variety of languages and technologies.

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