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Wednesday, November 12, 2014 - 2:45pm - 3:45pm
Agile Methods

How Agile and Project Management Can Coexist

Through the years—until agile software development took hold, that is—project management provided visibility to stakeholders and helped guide product development. However, as agile has risen to prominence with its de-emphasis on formal project planning, there are gaps that many organizations need to fill. James Hannon says that organizations now need to deal with the conundrum: Can agile and project management really coexist? Today’s manager must decompose both the standard project management flow and the agile development flow to look for symmetry and compatibility in their parts. This analysis will show that the agile backlog planning and sprint planning are excellent candidates to be integrated with the planning process from PMI. The analysis also shows that the best of the PMI methodology and agile can be woven together to give a renewed sense of agility and a vibrant logical approach to take on complex projects. The end result is a viable integration plan that you can use.

James Hannon, The Bentley Group International

An agile and project management practitioner in the software development field, James Hannon is currently implementing agile across a financial service/IT company. Jim has developed and managed numerous PMO groups in various companies; established a robust history of making agile and project management work well together; worked in industries of public utilities, government, and defense contractors; and authored numerous articles on agile and project management. Jim holds a PMP, PM-RMP, PM-ACP from PMI and the CSM/CSP and CSPO from the Scrum Alliance.

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