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Thursday, November 13, 2014 - 10:00am - 11:00am
Improving the Team

Toward a Well-Run, Cross-Functional, High-Performance Team

Behind every successful delivery to a customer, there is a well-run, cross-functional team. They trust each other; they work well together. Yet every team, agile or not, faces the challenges of building such a team. And, despite their best efforts, many teams fail in this attempt, never fully realize their full potential, and are unable to deliver the best possible value to their customers. Fuming Ye discusses the foundations to build a high performing team: an agile team’s responsibilities to each other, problem ownership, and the discipline to execute. Fuming reveals how learning and continuous improvement can help teams remove barriers between developers, testers, and other cross-functional members of the team, ultimately fostering the necessary “we succeed and fail together” culture. Additionally, she shares how you can extend these practices to teams that don’t practice agile. Take away new ideas, approaches, and tools you can start using tomorrow to build your well-run, cross-functional, high-performance team.

Fuming Ye, Pitney Bowes

A driving force in agile adoption at Pitney Bowes, Fuming Ye successfully builds collaborative cross-functional agile teams that consistently deliver value to customers. Fuming is currently leading a team that is developing a metrics-based self-improvement tool that Pitney Bowes will use to mature agile adoption. In addition, she coaches Pitney Bowes’ global development teams on project management best practices. Fuming’s professional career spans software and hardware development, systems engineering, project management, process development, training, and coaching.

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