STARWEST 2017 Tutorial: Unit Testing: What Every Tester Should Know

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Monday, October 2, 2017 - 1:00pm to 4:30pm

Unit Testing: What Every Tester Should Know

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Do you want to take your testing skills to the next level? Are you trying to stay relevant on an agile team where testing is shifting to the left on the project timeline? Do you want to help your organization reap the full benefits of testing earlier? Then join Tariq King to explore the fundamentals of unit testing so you can find bugs as soon as they happen and do more thorough, targeted testing during software development. This introductory session is for everyone—of all programming skill levels. Learn how to apply program-based techniques such as testing by looking, automated unit testing, mocking, and code coverage analysis. Tariq explores core concepts and constructs used in modern programming and walks you through a set of practical code-based testing exercises. Leave ready and able to collaborate with developers in new ways that enable you to uncover defects faster, earlier, and more cost effectively.

Note: Participants are strongly encouraged to bring a Windows or Mac computer to this tutorial.

Ultimate Software

Tariq King is the director of quality engineering at Ultimate Software. With more than fifteen years of experience in software testing research and practice, Tariq provides technical leadership, people leadership, strategic direction, and staff training in software quality and test engineering. He has previously held positions of test manager, test architect, test lead, researcher, and college professor. Tariq is a frequent presenter at conferences and workshops, has published more than thirty research articles in IEEE and ACM sponsored journals, and has developed and taught software testing courses in both industry and academia. Contact Tariq via LinkedIn.