STARWEST 2017 Concurrent Session : User Experience Testing—with the Pilots at 18,000 Feet

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Thursday, October 5, 2017 - 11:15am to 12:15pm

User Experience Testing—with the Pilots at 18,000 Feet

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All testers have users with unique needs. Are these needs included in your requirements? Lisa denDekker-Redemann says that was not always the case at UPS. Were we testing the mobile systems that our crew members use like we should? Sometimes to get it right, we have to go out into the wild—or in our case, out into the wild blue yonder. To get the whole story (and awesome test coverage), we boarded an aircraft to design scripts and test live 18,000 feet in the air. We found real conditions our users face that didn’t make the user stories and test conditions. Lisa shares why she went into the wild—building relationships with real users, the importance of environment factors, and how it all makes for better testing. What are some items that may be missing from your test coverage? Join Lisa to find out why they got into the cockpit—and more importantly, what they got out of it.


With thirteen years of QA experience across various logistic domains, Lisa denDekker-Redemann is the UPS flight and crew QA manager, working on mobile solutions, creating a mobile lab, and transitioning her area to DevOps. Lisa’s responsibilities have included transitioning the QA role to agile, re-defining QA artifacts, and championing the QA discipline in general. Lisa is passionate about QA, learning and innovation, and her family. You never know where she will pop up, what wild idea she may cook up, or what she will be testing professionally or personally. Lisa is a wife, mom of three, photography enthusiast, and a classic movie lover. Feel free to tweet her @LisaRedemann.