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Jeanne Schmidt

Rural Sourcing, Inc.

With more than thirty years of experience working with software development, Jeanne Schmidt has held roles of tester, QA manager, business systems analyst, product manager, and technical trainer. For many years, Jeanne managed the PeopleTools QA team for PeopleSoft. Currently the QA tech lead for the Quality Assurance Practice at Rural Sourcing, Inc., Jeanne leads a team of software testers who help customers deliver quality software and advises customers on test strategies. Rural Sourcing, Inc., is the leader in domestic sourcing and a cost-effective, onshore alternative to the traditional model for IT outsourcing.

Speaker Presentations
Wednesday, October 15, 2014 - 3:00pm
Agile Testing
Your Team’s Not Agile If You’re Not Doing Agile Testing

Many organizations adopt agile software development processes, yet they do not adopt agile testing processes. Then they fall into the trap of having development sprints that are just a set of mini-waterfall cycles. Some software developers still feel they can work more quickly if they let QA test after code is completed. Jeanne Schmidt identifies simple ways to get your team to adopt agile testing methods. Embracing agile testing requires you to change processes, responsibilities, and team organization. Jeanne details specifically how agile testers can add value by participating both at the beginning of each iteration and at the end of each sprint. She describes different ways you can pair your team members and different techniques for teaching developers the value of testing. Finally, Jeanne offers solutions for managing resistance to change and leading all team members to take responsibility for the product quality.