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Thursday, October 16, 2014 - 3:00pm - 4:00pm
Mobile Testing

Five Ways to Improve Your Mobile Testing

Few technology shifts have impacted the way we do business as much as mobile. The new and exciting functionality delivered by mobile apps, the pace at which they are being developed, and their emergence as the “face of the business” requires that organizations deliver unprecedented quality in these software systems. Join Dennis Schultz to learn how leading enterprises are approaching their mobile application testing challenges and how they have integrated mobile into their existing processes. Dennis describes the importance of testing on real devices, the value of using emulators to supplement your testing strategy, how to optimize your testing with real devices using SaaS remote device services, how to automate your repetitive tests to speed time to market and improve quality, and how to support a collaborative work environment and efficient test process for mobile development.

In IBM’s Emerging Technologies organization, Dennis Schultz is a solution architect, tester, and software engineer. As a child, Dennis had an insatiable curiosity of how things worked and a desire to take them apart. The all-too-common outcome was that he could not put them back together again, thus leading to an adult career in testing. Wanting to make amends for these transgressions eventually lead to his current position as a Solution Architect, helping clients assemble products and tools into integrated solutions to meet their challenges.

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