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Stewart Stern

Gorilla Logic, Inc.

Stu Stern is CEO of Gorilla Logic, an enterprise IT consulting firm specializing in web and mobile development, and the creators of several automation tools including FlexMonkey, FoneMonkey, and MonkeyTalk. Prior to founding Gorilla Logic in 2002, Stu was head of Java consulting at Sun Microsystems. Even further back, Stu spent many years building trading systems on Wall Street. Although a long-time senior IT executive, after thirty years in the industry Stu is proud to still be very much a geek

Speaker Presentations
Thursday, October 3, 2013 - 1:30pm
Mobile Testing
Automate Mobile App Testing—Or Go Crazy

During the past decade, test engineers have become experts in browser compatibility testing. Just when we thought everything was under control, along come native mobile applications that need to run across platforms far more diverse than the desktop browser landscape has ever been. The variety of OSs, screen sizes, and hardware technology combine to create hundreds of configurations that need some testing. Manual testing across so many deployment targets will drive anyone crazy.