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Chris Reites

FedEx Services

As a Technical Principal in software quality assurance for FedEx Services, Chris Reites has experience providing cutting edge, best-practice processes for the development and testing of large-scale, complex, global software systems. Chris has been working for FedEx in IT for fifteen years. Prior to joining the software testing organization within FedEx, Chris was a software developer for several key applications within the FedEx billing system. As a technical leader within FedEx, Chris enjoys mentoring developers and testers, and meeting with industry peers to share the solutions FedEx has successfully implemented across multiple operating companies.

Speaker Presentations
Thursday, October 3, 2013 - 3:00pm
Test Techniques
Decoupled System Interface Testing at FedEx

If you work in a large-scale environment, you know how difficult it is to have all the systems “code complete” and ready for testing at the same time. In order to fully test end-to-end scenarios, you must be able to validate results in numerous systems. But what if all those systems are not available for you to begin testing? Chris Reites describes “decoupled testing,” an enterprise-level solution for managing interface data for capture, injection, simulation, and comparison all along your testing paths.