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Thursday, May 7, 2015 - 1:30pm - 2:30pm
Test Management

What Do Defects Really Cost? Much More Than You Think

As software increasingly becomes the face of the business, defects can lead to embarrassment, financial loss, and even business failure. Nevertheless, in response to today's demand for speed and “continuous everything,” the software delivery conveyer belt keeps moving faster and faster. It's foolhardy to expect that speeding up an already-troubled implementation process will achieve the desired results. Wayne Ariola shares why and how to evolve from automated to continuous testing and discusses the methods to help you do so. Explore how to establish quality gates that continuously measure software vs. business expectations, allowing you to confidently and automatically promote software from one phase of the SDLC to the next. Learn strategies—how to promote collaborative risk reduction, collapse remediation cycle time, and establish a feedback loop for defect prevention—to remove SDLC constraints without compromising quality.​

Wayne Ariola, Parasoft

Chief strategy officer Wayne Ariola leads the development and execution of Parasoft’s long-term strategy. Wayne has contributed to the design of core Parasoft technologies and has been awarded several patents for his inventions. He is a recognized leader on service virtualization, API quality, quality policy governance, and application security. Wayne brings more than twenty years of strategic consulting experience in the technology and software development industries.

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