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Prasad MK

Prasad MK
TCS Assurance Services

Prasad is responsible for TCS' assurance solutions and consultancy for the Telecom, Media and HiTech industry verticals.  He has managed and worked on transformation projects and delivered expected business results through best in class Quality Assurance & Testing practices. Currently, he leads Quality Assurance & Testing Sales for North America.  Prasad's area of interest include exploring innovative methods to transform QA & Testing organizations into a Value Center.  He has presented on Digital Assurance, Gamification at recent Star East and Star West conferences.  He has also published articles on DevOps Assurance in and champions QA & Testing forums at TCS to help continue to foster innovation in this arena.

Job Title: 
North America Practice Director, Assurance Services
Speaker Presentations
Wednesday, June 24, 2015 - 7:15am
Bonus Session
Win the Race with a Dark Horse—Drive Enterprise Agility through QA and Testing

Agility has never been as imperative to business success as it is in today’s hyper-competitive digital world.  Organizations need to launch their products and services to market faster, have scalable and flexible business models to address ever changing customer expectations, and they need to offer superior customer experience each and every time. All this while mitigating business risks.  In this scenario, the quality assurance (QA) and testing function assumes a pivotal role.

In this session, insights will be shared on:

  • How QA and Testing can act as a catalysts across the entire lifecycle
  • How best-in-class tools & techniques and co-existence with Dev and Ops can drive enterprise agility
  • Metrics to consider to help measure customer experience proactively, while mitigating organizational risk
  • Frameworks for a robust engagement and governance model to help drive efficiencies across the board