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James Watt

James Watt
Dell, Inc.

The DevOps lead for the Buyer Experience organization driving, James Watt has been working within Dell for the past eight years as a technologist, product development lead, and Scrum coach. With his help, Dell has shipped Dell Active Systems Manager, the Dell Plug-In for VMWare vCenter, and the Dell Update Packages catalog. James has been highly involved in helping promote transformative change in Dell’s organization and has presented Dell experiences on large-scale agile release planning for Agile Austin. Previously, James worked at Multimedia Games, Inc., in Austin, Texas.

Speaker Presentations
Wednesday, November 11, 2015 - 1:30pm
Enterprise DevOps
Bringing Continuous Delivery to A Retrospective

Multibillion dollar sales portal has more than 1,000 developers working in tandem to contribute content and code. This presents unique strategic challenges when it comes to selecting, planning, and deploying DevOps tools. James Watt presents a retrospective on transitioning one of the world’s largest grossing websites from a quarterly waterfall delivery cadence to weekly agile releases. Learn how “continuous” principles changed the way improves its user experience and the tools that made it possible. Starting with a legacy waterfall delivery chain, the Buyer DevOps team had to design, develop, and roll out a staged plan to transition from monolithic integration environments linked by bespoke engineering to dynamically provisioned and continuously-tested cloud infrastructure based on industry-leading toolsets. James describes TeamCity and Octopus integration with Team Foundation Server and other Microsoft products, large scale C# Selenium test automation, and dynamic virtual environment provisioning along with continuous integration, continuous testing, and other rapid release concepts.