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Application Lifecycle Management

Concurrent Sessions

BW9 Innovation for Existing Software Product: An R&D Approach
Aaron Barrett, Infusionsoft
Wed, 06/10/2015 - 2:45pm

In the world of software, innovating an existing product often makes the difference between continued success and rapid irrelevance and failure. Although innovation can come from many different sources, it can be difficult to develop breakthrough innovations while simultaneously trying to maintain an existing piece of software. Aaron Barrett says that a stand-alone R&D team, freed from the constraints of production software, is a great answer to this dilemma. Join Aaron as he shares some simple guidelines to facilitate the process of integrating R&D efforts into an existing software product while avoiding R&D that does not lead to production-ready systems. Learn how and when to get company buy-in, actively engage your developers, and develop with your go-to-market strategy in mind to reap the innovation benefits of a dedicated R&D team.

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