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Paul Reed

EBG Consulting

Paul Reed, senior associate with EBG Consulting, has led agile teams working on complex products in companies of all sizes. Paul excels at helping companies transition to agile by leveraging an adaptive rollout strategy. He is a frequent conference speaker and author of Developing Applications with Java and UML and Developing Applications with Visual Basic and UML. A practicing Certified ScrumMaster, Paul offers hands-on experience in bringing real-world, sound architecture into the product lifecycle. His experience and talents in business analysis and design, using a variety of application lifecycle approaches, contribute to his ability to get projects back on track to deliver business value.

Speaker Presentations
Tuesday, November 11, 2014 - 1:00pm
Half-day Tutorials
Product Owner Imperatives for Championing Agile Projects

Engaged and passionate product owners balance strategic and tactical activities to ensure that the right product is built—and built right. Yet how do these product owners guide planning toward longer-term goals while also ensuring that requirements are sufficiently understood for development and delivery? Join Paul Reed as he shares techniques for setting context and collaboratively establishing a shared understanding of requirements. Discover methods to envision the product and identify the stakeholders and their value considerations. Experience a simulated agile discovery workshop—slicing requirements based on value and allocating features, minimum marketable features, and stories to planning horizons. Learn how planning—iterations, releases, and product roadmaps—is interwoven and aligned with the product’s strategy. Take away proven techniques to identify and align requirements to plans, to make difficult value-based planning decisions, and to refine a lean product backlog. Leave with a new appreciation for the attitudes and aptitudes of a successful product owner.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014 - 2:45pm
Business Analysis & Requirements
Non-Functional Requirements: Forgotten, Neglected, and Misunderstood

Implementing non-functional requirements is essential to build the right product. Yet teams often struggle with when and how to discover, specify, and test these requirements. Many teams neglect non-functional requirements up front, considering them less important or unrelated to user requirements; other teams specify them incompletely or with untestable and non-measurable attributes. Paul Reed introduces three types of non-functional requirements: interfaces; attributes including performance, usability, security, and robustness; and the environment for the product’s design and implementation. Paul helps you explore ways to visualize interfaces and value their options, examine techniques to specify quality attributes and their acceptance criteria, and consider environmental requirements. Leave with a better understanding of how these dimensions intertwine with functional requirements, and the challenges of incorporating non-functional requirements in your product backlog. Join Paul in a fast-paced survey of key practices designed to help you discover and define holistic non-functional requirements for your agile project.