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Mike Wood

Red Gate Software

A technical evangelist for Red Gate Software, Mike Wood is a problem solving, outdoorsy, user group founding, dog-loving, solution creating, event planning, married, technology speaking, father of one—kind of guy. When he's not living up to all that, Mike is an avid reader, (horrible) violinist, and gamer. He is one of the founding directors of the Cincinnati .NET User Group and the editor for the educational website. Microsoft has presented Mike the Most Valuable Professional (MVP) award in Microsoft Azure for the past four years. Catch up with Mike on his blog at or on Twitter at @mikewo.

Speaker Presentations
Thursday, November 13, 2014 - 10:00am
Cloud Computing
Cloud Computing: Yes, It Will Radically Change Your World

You can't read a technology article these days without some mention of "the cloud." Many have labeled it the next sea-change in the industry; others point out that the model has been around for ages. Regardless of its origins, the cloud certainly does change things. But the bigger question is: Does it really change things for you? The only way to answer that question is to understand the possibilities the cloud provides. Mike Wood discusses why you should care and shares the fundamentals of cloud computing by not only defining cloud computing but also describing ideal workloads, the concept of disposable computing, and how the cloud might not be as different as you think. Since the cloud is more than just virtualized machines, Mike discusses various services of cloud providers, including mapping those services to more familiar aspects of traditional on-premises architectures. Leave with a better understanding of cloud computing and the possibilities behind the hype.