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Ken Johnston


Ken Johnston is the principal engineering manager for the Microsoft Operating Systems Data Integration and Insights team. Since joining Microsoft in 1998, Ken has filled many other roles, including test lead, test manager, and group program manager. Recently he has worked on Bing Data Quality and Measurements, Cosmos (the Microsoft big data platform), and the Windows Apps Store. For two and a half years, Ken served as the Microsoft director of test excellence. He is a frequent speaker, blogger, and author on big data, software testing, and online services development. Contact Ken on Twitter @rkjohnston.

Speaker Presentations
Thursday, November 13, 2014 - 3:00pm
Big Data
Data-Driven Software Testing: The New, Lean Approach to Quality

The Internet of Things and always connected devices are generating exabytes of user data and device telemetry. Organizations worldwide are leveraging this data for new products and new business insights, but this data is also fundamentally changing how organizations drive, assess, and improve product quality. Testers have traditionally relied on test results, but, with additional data sources now available to testers, the testers’ ability to process these is expanding like never before. Data-driven quality (DDQ) strategies such as Testing in Production (TiP) are essential tools for most testers. But the questions are: How do you implement these strategies to benefit your specific product? How do you convert testers into data scientists? How do A/B testing, continuous delivery, and creating products from service components drive us to a leaner and better approach to quality? Ken Johnston answers these questions and more in this insightful session.