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The AWESOME AgileBuild

How AWESOME would it be to participate
in building a car that gets 100 miles per gallon and meets US road and safety standards—all while attending Better Software and Agile Development Conference West?

All attendees will have the opportunity to build a car with Team WIKISPEED—how awesome is that!

This year’s conference attendees will have the unique opportunity to work side by side with Joe Justice, a consultant at Scrum Inc. and founder of Team WIKISPEED, to learn how agile is being used in extreme manufacturing and learn firsthand how the agile mindset can be applied to your entire business.

Taking agile beyond software delivery teams is the key to maximizing business ROI. You’ll immerse yourself in agile design, object-oriented architecture, kanban flow optimizations, Scrum team delivery, XP practices, and more. Plus, you’ll have a blast learning with Team WIKISPEED!


An exclusive interview
with Joe Justice


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