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Pat Arcady

FreeStanding Agility

Pat Arcady, EdD, is an executive consultant and agile coach with a specialty in work team conflict resolution. Consistent with the Agile Manifesto which values individuals and interactions over processes and tools, Pat’s work teaches busy professionals the “how to” of that value—how to interact with colleagues and customers in ways that best serve to achieve the successful outcomes work teams seek. A former manager at Verizon, college administrator, and trainer in the Nonviolent Communication System of conflict resolution, Pat is an expert in creating environments that foster high levels of productivity, collaboration, and positive morale. Learn more at or email [email protected].

Speaker Presentations
Thursday, November 14, 2013 - 10:15am
Improving the Team
Using Non-Violent Communication Skills for Managing Team Conflict

“Going agile” has transformed thousands of workplaces into groups of self-directed teams, more engaged and increasingly more productive. Knowledge workers report increased job satisfaction, strong team identity, and camaraderie. One of the secrets of high performing teams is their ability to manage conflict in ways that support team cohesion, deepen trust, and reinforce commitment to team greatness. Agile practices value individuals and interactions over processes and tools. Sounds great on paper!  How do you live that?