STARWEST 2017 Tutorial: Harnessing Your Automation: Choose Your Own Adventure

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Monday, October 2, 2017 - 1:00pm to 4:30pm

Harnessing Your Automation: Choose Your Own Adventure

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You've seen this before. The project requirement states that You will be responsible for developing test automation that covers ______. And it is rarely as simple as it first seems. With upstream and downstream considerations, tool changes, and course correction at every juncture, how can you possibly improve efficiency and quality, and still plan for and stay on target during the process of developing and implementing a robust test automation harness? Dawn Code will guide you through the steps of building test automation that can suit a variety of needs. Following a Choose Your Own Adventure model, join other adventurers as you trek through numerous pitfalls that can halt even the best of architects. Through enrichment exercises and discussion points, and driven by the increasingly more educated decisions of fellow participants, develop a test harness that meets specified requirements and is robust enough to mitigate many issues that may—and will—be encountered along the way.

Unspecified LLC

Some have described Dawn Code as the most passionate tester they have ever met. Her current role as recent founder of startup Unspecified LLC, encompasses her love of testing and test automation with her future goal of utilizing machine learning and cognitive computing for applications. A lifelong learner who often deep dives into cross-functional topics, Dawn began her professional career in bioinformatics, which combined her two first loves—genetics and software. She is a nationally-known speaker in testing and test automation.